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Emily | Beautiful Birthing Gifts

Welcome to Beautiful Birthing Gifts and our midwife-approved bespoke bundles and hampers.

Filled with carefully selected items for a beautiful birth and baby.
 Whether you are choosing a hamper or a bundle for yourself or a loved one, you’ll find all the essentials needed for birth, for a newborn and for being a new mum. All the items can be packed into a hospital birthing bag or sent as a thoughtful gift for a newborn baby.


As a midwife I have looked after many women and their families throughout pregnancy and labour (some in front of the cameras of One Born Every Minute). I love playing a small part in such a memorable time in a woman’s life and making her feel special, pampered and proud.


The idea for Beautiful Birthing came from a sunday afternoon chat between midwife and mother about birth and the link with mental and physical preparation. We spoke about preparing for the journey of birth and motherhood, but thought especially for first time mothers, how do you know what is needed and what will make the experience better? With my midwifery experience the idea of the birthing box was born.


We are confident that you will find the perfect gift for a loved one with the peace of mind that it is midwife and mother approved.


Emily xx

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