Swaddle Muslins – a life saver!

Swaddle Muslins – Not just a newborn ‘must have’, it’s a life saver too!!!!

As I am sat here looking after my poorly daughter who is rocking a temperature of 39.9 degrees watching Goldie and Bear for the 4th time, I find myself drifting off into a world of my own. I start thinking about the life of my daughter’s Swaddle Muslin throughout the 4 ½ years we have had it!!!!! Why I hear you ask!!! Well, the reason being is that every time my daughter gets a temperature it is one of the first things I reach for and every time I grab it I am so grateful that we have it.

I was lucky enough to receive a large swaddle muslin when my daughter was born and I can honestly say that it has been one of the best, longest standing baby items that we were lucky enough to receive.

Swaddling my daughter for the first few weeks transformed her sleep from ‘very little sleep’ to ‘a pretty good amount of sleep”! My daughter did and still loves a cuddle so swaddling suited her perfectly. Then, it was utilised as a lightweight cover whilst we were out and about and not to forget using it as the all important dribble (and much more!) cloth! This is all quite textbook when it comes to the practical uses of a Swaddle Muslin, I’m sure you have heard all this before so here comes the extra useful bit!

When my daughter turned 8 months old that was the moment that I was the most grateful to my beautiful friend for buying the swaddle muslin for us in the first place. After my daughters first real high temperature we went through the horrible experience of her suffering with small convulsions due to her not being able to regulate her body temperature very well. This is a terrifying experience. After receiving medical advise we were instructed to cool her down slowly by taking off all her clothes and her nappy, we were told the nappy generates a huge amount of heat so it is essential to remove it. We followed all the advice and when we finally got her temperature down we were then left with the dilemma of what to put her in when she was sleeping. We didn’t want to undo all the good work we had just done by putting clothes back on her but it also didn’t feel right leaving her with nothing on in case the night temperature dropped. I scrambled through the drawer and saw the solution staring right back up at me, her Swaddle Muslin!!!! It sounds quite dramatic but once you have got through an ordeal like your baby overheating for the first time, opening windows, stripping them off whilst trying to keep them settled and calm you are very grateful for the solution you require to be at an arms reach! Anything other than her Swaddle Muslin would have produced too much heat and therefore running the risk of another heat related convulsion. So, for the next few nights her Swaddle Muslin was her bedding, I just laid it over her like a loose blanket and from that moment her Swaddle Muslin became my best friend, it worked a treat!

Although my daughter is now out of nappies as she is 4 ½ unfortunately she does still have these little convulsions every time she has a temperature. I’m guessing you know how I’m about to conclude this blog! Yes, you guessed it! Without fail the first thing I reach for is her Swaddle Muslin! It has joined us on every holiday, every day trip and has got us through every illness. We would be lost without it so would highly recommend investing in one early on. If you don’t use it to swaddle I guarantee you will use it at some point within the first few weeks and in our case for the next 4 ½ years!!!!

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